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“This was my first time using JobGetter, I have to say it was such a quick process. I joined on the 19th of August and applied for this position at Dymocks. I received a response the following Tuesday to come in for an interview. I have already recommended your company to a friend that is currently looking for work. My experience has been great and I would highly recommend to others :)” — Anna G.


“This is the first bit of real help I have received in a long time and sincerely hope it works for me. You’ve been enormously helpful and once again appreciate your generosity. I just want to get off this perpetual treadmill of worry and concern and start a real job that makes good use of my skills. Have a wonderful evening and I’ll let you know how things work out.” — Michael P.


“Thank you for your email this morning regarding feed back on my job application at Grey Gum Cafe. I did get the position as short order cook and barrista. I will adjust my profile today. As i am only working casually, between 12-20 hrs per week, I am continuing to search for more appropriate employment.” — Michelle M.

“Honestly, JobGetter, is one of the best job seeking websites.” — Elizabeth A.

 “JobGetter has made it reasonably easy for me to apply. The format of the website is easy to navigate so I haven’t struggled and it provided me with sufficient information for me to continue researching or apply.” — Minerva S.

“JobGetter is a great idea and it is well managed.” — Fabian B.
“seriously recommend using this site to find a job. i have been unemployed for 3 years and then found this page. the amount of responses im getting from people now for interviews is unbelievable.” — Caitlyn P.
“I’d just like to say, I love the app you have created! I feel it’s a brilliant tool, and it makes it so much easier to apply for positions and to connect to recruiters as it all pretty much does it for you (which is quite convenient). Hopefully I’ll find a suitable position soon!” — Marta M.
“Such an innovative idea, it really is a lot easier to apply for jobs through JobGetter than the conventional way, and I hope more hiring companies get on board with it, good job with the app!” — Lyn S.

“Amazing app! As a designer, it can be difficult getting noticed in such a competitive industry, especially with such high profile companies, so I’m forever thankful to JobGetter for matching me with my dream job!” — Zoe T.